Faith and Money Matters Workbooks - Parish Pack (U

Type: Course
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Faith & Money Matters is our primary Bible study that dives deep into money management from an authentically Catholic viewpoint. 

Over the course of six weeks, participants learn how to:

  • Create a spending plan

  • Get out of crushing debt

  • Live with complete financial integrity

  • Start saving and investing for long-term financial wellbeing

  • Develop a generosity plan that will improve lives while growing in faith

Most importantly, learn how financial discipleship can change lives!

Faith & Money Matters is not only for those in debt; it’s for anyone who wants to live with their money in a way that grows their faith rather than detracts from it. This study can be taken individually, in a small group, online, or facilitated by a parish.

Faith & Money Matters has an Imprimatur from the Most Reverend John Noonan, Bishop of Orlando.

Inclusions in the Parish Pack offering:

  • Online Workbook access (1 year) for 12 participants

  • Online Video access (1 year) for 12 participants

  • 12 Workbooks (1 copy for each participant)

  • Access to Money Management Tools

  • Access to various Financial Calculators

  • DVD Set

  • Parish Facilitation Guide


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