Guideposts Personal Finance App for Teens

Type: App
Price: $35.00


In today's fast-paced world, financial literacy is more critical than ever. Yet, many educational programs often overlook the importance of aligning fiscal decisions with faith convictions. Guideposts is an app-based program that fills this gap by offering a curriculum that not only meets state-imposed financial education requirements but also integrates seamlessly with Catholic values.

Features and Benefits

  • Faith-Based Curriculum: Lessons are deeply rooted in Catholic stewardship tenets, ensuring a balanced approach to financial literacy.
  • State-Compliant: The app fulfills state educational mandates, making it a reliable resource for schools and homeschooling families.
  • Multi-Platform Accessibility: Available on cell phones, tablets, and desktop computers, the Guideposts app ensures that quality education is just a click away.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for diverse educational settings, including core subjects, supplementary resources, online modules, and after-school programs.

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